Digital mergers and acquisitions

How many of you marketers work with a roster of agencies? Or how many of you creatives are on a company roster?

Ever thought of taking your relationship to the next level?

Well, you may have missed this but on the 5th of January this year, it was announced that consultancy Deloitte had joined forces with creative agency Ubermind. Naturally both parties have revelled in their new partnership, with a fantastic ‘Left brain meets right brain’ brand however what’s interesting about this new relationship is the reaction of those within their respective industries.

On one hand, Deloitte have been praised for ramping up their digital capabilities in advance of the coming digital mobile revolution however Ubermind have been criticised for selling out and sacrificing their independence.

Yes, working with Deloitte opens a lot of doors for Ubermind. They’ll have a global address book which they’ll be able to exploit, and there will surely be a steady stream of internal digital projects however how will the new state of affairs affect their relationship with their existing clients.

Ubermind have worked on some great projects for the likes of Apple and Amtrak however if I was a client of Ubermind, I’d be worried about whether my company and my project was still a priority. New paymasters aren’t exactly going to be overly to share innovative ideas with other organisations, instead preferring to keep the creativity for themselves.

Additionally, by losing their independence, it’ll be very interesting to see how Ubermind manage to retain the cutting edge and flexibility that keeps agencies fresh.

Ultimately, Deloitte can’t lose from this relationship. They’ve partnered with one of the hottest mobile agencies around and will be able to utilise their expertise alongside their own innovation team, however whilst in the short term, it’ll be good for Ubermind, in the long term their independence, creativity and innovation could be threatened.

What do you think?


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