Typing ‘Google’ into Google in an attempt to break the internet…

A classic sketch in the early days of Channel 4 sitcom The IT Crowd is that ‘IT’ Manager Jen believes that typing ‘Google’ into Google will break the internet. Of course it’s not true but it highlights how little people know about the power of Google and the internet. But that’s not the subject of this blog (despite the title. And this opening gambit).

However, it’s about Google. Avid readers of my blog will no doubt have read my blog from last week about Advertising and the Tube adverts for Creativeagencylondon.com. Like any good marketer I review the stats of anything I do online (for instance, I’ve noticed that I get more hits from LinkedIn during the day, Monday to Friday and from Facebook at any other time) and I was quite surprised to see that for this particular blog, I had received quite a lot of traffic from Google Search. Interesting. What could people possibly be searching for to find my blog? So, I Googled ‘Creativeagencylondon.com’ and to my surprise, discovered that my blog article is ranked 5. Wow! I’m actually pretty impressed that I’ve managed to get my blog ranked 5th on the Google search for a major tube advertising campaign.

Now, I’m not going to blow my own trumpet but I know and get SEO. I’ve managed to increase the ranking of every organisation that has asked me to help them improve their search ranking(actually, that sounds like blowing my own trumpet. I’m so so sorry). So, I know how to use (and avoid abuse) keywords in order to improve search rankings. Things to consider for improving search rankings is using the keywords of what you want to be known for, sprinkled liberally from your title, dropping down through your H1 to H5 text. You also need to use a combination of hashtags, tweets, likes and +’s on Google + in an attempt to improve your search ranking. 

Which leads me on to confession time. This blog is all just a cunning ruse. As I mentioned above, I’ve got previous of improving the search rankings of organisations by ensuring their keywords are correct, and I’ve dropped more than a hint of ‘Google’ across this posting to see if Google will fail to notice that I’ve attempted to increase traffic to my own blog by referencing ‘Google’ as often as a I can without being overly intrusive.

Will it work? Of course it won’t, but the dreamer in me is really hoping that I’m going to check my stats tomorrow and see myself ranked just underneath Google’s Wikipedia post. Let’s just wait and see…


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