A blog about a blog about a blog…

Still with me? Phew, thought I’d lost you there. Yes, you read that right, this is a blog about a blog about a blog. Make sense? Don’t panic, I’ll explain…

Last month I wrote a blog about  an advertising campaign on the London Underground from the creative agency Clinic. Thusfar it’s been the most popular blog that I’ve written since I launched this blog at the start of the year, not by people coming to read my blog (if I’m honest, I haven’t really promoted it – I want it to be read by word of mouth) but from search. Basically people who were googling or binging (is that a word?) ‘creative agency london’ were finding my blog on the first page of search results. Which obviously made me pleased at the upsurge in traffic. Well, I was approached by Smart Insights to republish my blog on the Smart Insights blog site. Rather than just copy and paste the blog, I figured I’d do a bit more research into the campaign, including interview the agency themselves in order to add a bit more detail to the blog. So, the blog went live on Thursday last week and it went about as close to viral as a blog on a site of this nature could. So far, it’s been liked 15 times on Facebook, tweeted 39 times, +1’d 9 times on Google+ and shared 17 times on LinkedIn. All sounding pretty good however I was looking to find out a little bit more as to how people were sharing my blog.

Now, there are lots of great free tools that you can use for measuring social media impact. As this campaign was primarily shared via Twitter, I decided to use ‘TweetReach’ to see how far my blog had travelled.

As you can see, the tweets and retweets of the article reached over 80,000 Twitter accounts. Ok, not everyone read the article, but looking at the number of tweets, and retweets from a diverse range of individuals, the blog was certainly impactful. Additionally, I got back in touch with Clinic to inform them that the blog had been published, and they confirmed that they had had a number of inbound visits from Smart Insights. All in all, I’m really pleased that a blog that I wrote has been so effective.

See below for the TweetReach report and click here to read the article on Smart Insights: http://www.smartinsights.com/traffic-building-strategy/campaign-creative/tube-advertising-example/



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