Why Facebook email is utterly pointless… or is it?

Remember how literally 8 people were up in arms at Facebook having the temerity to change their contact email address from gmail/hotmail/yahoo to @facebook.com earlier this year? How dare they? And it only takes a second or two to change your email address back. Outrageous that you could have read 2 lines of a blog post on squirrels or cyber stalked someone for 30 seconds in that time!

Anyway, for those of you whom I’m connected to on Facebook, from time to time, we do engage on the Facebook messenger system, which is essentially the framework of the Facebook email. Earlier today, I received an email which amused me and rather than email it to people directly, I decided that I’d forward it on to my ‘Facebook’ email address and circulate it amongst my Facebook friends. Except that you can’t. As I have set up my Facebook settings so that I can only accept email from people I’m connected to, my email bounced back, as my social self is obviously not connected to my work self. I appreciate that from a messenger point of view, you don’t want to be contacted by complete randoms, but having a restricted access email address just seems nuts to me. Or is it? Just think, when was the last time that you logged into your gmail/hotmail/yahoo and had to filter through spam (not as much as before), Groupon updates, Ticketmaster updates and emails from apps that you’ve already received on your phone (talking to you Songkick!) before finding that email from a friend? Instead with Facebook email you get unadulterated, filtered contact with actual people that you actually know and are connected to! Put that way, it sounds ace doesn’t it?

Email is dead, long live the Fmail!

By the way… if any of you want to see the aforementioned email, DM me with your non Facebook email address and I’ll forward it on to you…


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