Two steps forward/ one step back

What a day for Apple eh? New iPhone released, new iOS6 rolling out, killing off the original iPad and a split with Google.

What topic to address first? I’ll park the death of the original iPad and the new iPhone for another day and focus on the new iOS6 software and the split with Google.

Oh, you missed the split with Google? Funny that Apple didn’t really want to make big deal of that isn’t it?

If you upgraded your iPhone to iOS6, you’ll have noticed at least three things have happened.

Firstly, Facebook upgraded itself with a new contact sync, which, if you didn’t manually update your contact details on your Facebook page, when Facebook slyly gave you an domain back in April, which will in effect remove your Gmail as a method of contact, from your friends contact list.

Secondly, and this is a good thing, they removed the Youtube app. Let’s not beat around the bush, it was crap. Had about a third of the content of Youtube available and wasn’t really mobile optimised in terms of functionality.

Thirdly, and this is the really crap thing, they removed the maps app. Big mistake as the new Apple map is poor. It’s out of date, has poor imaging, wrong locations and inadequate search. As soon as Google launch an actual map app, I’ll be downloading it. Yes, the Apple map will improve, but it’s going to be tough to improve on something that is way ahead of it.

The real disappointing thing is how out of date it is. Just look at the below photos. On the left is the Olympic park on Apple maps and the right is Google. On the right you’ll see an all singing and all dancing Olympic park and on the left you’ll see a contruction site.

Poor show Apple. Poor show.


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