Without doubt, the worst Marketing email that I’ve ever received…

Pretty bold statement eh? You’re thinking that this is going to have to be godawful. Don’t fret my friend, this will deliver the goods.

So… it’s after 5 and I’m working away, when a colleague of mine asks me if I received the email from Treat Digital? I stick my head up from my piles of papers and take a look at my inbox. There are a fair few emails which I need to address so I can’t see it instantly. ‘Don’t worry’ my colleague pipes up, ‘I’ll forward it on to you’. My upside down smile, quickly turned into an upside down frown. Lets ignore the basic school boy error of sending a B2B email after 5pm (when either anyone at work is a) gone home or b) trying to clear their desk so they can get home and just feast on the glory below:

As Roy Walker used to say on Catchphrase, ‘say what you see’:

  • It’s dated March 2012.
  • The images are duplicates.
  • The text is just nonsense.

And a bonus point for also getting my work email address wrong (however the misspelling directs through).

Wow! Now about an hour ago, I received an email apologising for the gobbledigook email but I’m sorry, the damage is done. An organisation that calls itself ‘DIGITAL’ has sent out an email template to probably their entire database. In these days of first impressions and you are only as good as your last campaign, you cannot make these mistakes. Especially if it is your field! I’m sorry Treat Digital. I don’t care what you’ve produced or what you’ve achieved. I WILL NEVER WORK WITH YOU. And to make matters worse, anyone who received this email will feel the same.

Stop press:

I’ve been very critical of a lot of campaigns of late. I think it’s time Mr Email Marketer stepped up to the plate and wrote you some guidelines don’t you think? I think there are a few blogs around trolls and corporate social media guidelines on their way.  


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