Why you need to insure your digital devices…

Saw this on the tube last night…


If ever you needed a reason to insure your Tablet/Smartphone/digital device. It does make you wonder why Apple don’t use Gorilla Glass to protect their tablet’s, doesn’t it? But regardless, at least if you insure your device… you can at least get it replaced without forking out another 500 bucks.


5 responses to “Why you need to insure your digital devices…

  1. I am unconvinced.

    As an aside:
    I suspect Apple do, in fact, use Gorilla Glass. That has certainly been a rumour for some time in tech circles.

    With respect to insurance:
    1) Good house insurance would surely cover this.
    2) However, I think insurance is a red-herring:
    2.1) You can replace the screen: Either send it away; or purchase a replacement online and fit it yourself. I think at tops this would cost £100. Cheaper, if you do it yourself. Although I have no direct experience with this for Apple devices.
    2.2) With the number of gadgets people now have, gadget-specific insurance would quickly mount up.
    2.3) Gadgets are almost ephemeral: They are probably replaced every 2 years. I am not sure, therefore, that continual insurance makes financial sense.

    Alternatively, don’t purchase over-priced products i.e. Apple gadgets!

    P.S. I hope you enjoyed my numbering.

    • I did enjoy your numbering however I would like to state that Apple only use Gorilla glass on the iPhone… Not the iPad.

      Ultimately it’s up to you whether you take the insurance ‘risk’ or not but if you are going to venture out in public with a desirable, breakable, high value product, you might want to consider it.

  2. I suppose wandering around with multiple expensive gadgets makes you a mugging target. And if you used your iPad as a weapon, its screen would shatter. So damned if you, damned if you don’t. Sort of.

    With regards to killer Gorilla Glass, are you certain that it is not used on the iPad? My understanding is that Apple are Area 51 secretive about these things. And consequently nobody has a definitive answer.

    • I did consult the Gorilla Glass product list before publishing the blog. If it is made with Gorilla Glass then I feel badly let down by Gorilla Glass and Apple for providing me with false information. I have informed my legal team that their services may be required very soon!

      • I wouldn’t recommend investigating any further, less employing a legal team. With Apple’s communist state-like levels of paranoia and secrecy, you’ll probably find yourself being followed. And their love of litigation (see patents) (which imho inhibits innovation and competition) will see you – like their screens – smashed.

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