Every six seconds…

I thought there was a great irony earlier this week when the big news story surrounding the launch of Vine, Twitter’s new six second video update service, was the accidental selection of a porn clip as the video of choice of the editor…


…Vine, quite simply is the new App from Twitter and enables the user to record six seconds of video content to attach to a Tweet. Six seconds? That’s not a lot is it? Well, neither is 140 characters and that hasn’t stopped Twitter has it? What Twitter Vine actually does is encapsulate a moment. With Twitter you can update your followers on what you’re up to, but you’re going to focus on your phone for about a minute or so as you type out your Tweet. In a way, losing the moment. What Vine enables you to do is to capture that moment of passion, elation, and history, for you to share. I remember fiddling on my phone trying to capture a photo of David Goodwillie scoring the opening goal in the 2010 Scottish Cup Final or Dimitar Berbatov scoring a penalty at the Emirates earlier this season, and thinking how crap the results were.

Well, just imagine capturing that moment on video. You only need six seconds. Six seconds to capture that moment, turn to your friends and capture that elation. Yes, yes, there will be a lot of boring crap uploaded by self publicising idiots.

Like this…




And this…



But, idiots aside, just imagine capturing the moment at a gig or game, or any other event? Give me until the weekend and I’ll try and capture Berbatov scoring the winner against Manchester United on Saturday… On top of idiots uploading crap, I can see this being a great tool for brands to build engagement. Short sharp bursts of audience engagement and participation with your product? Yeah, that’s an easy engagement win. 


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