And the winner of the dumbest password reset award 2013 is…


I decided to log into my BT account earlier today to check on a slight discrepancy on my bill however as I rarely log into my BT account I couldn’t remember the password for my account. I knew my username as it’s my BT email log in so I was able to go through the password reset process where I had to answer a random security question. This time it was place of birth. Success! I remembered where I was born. And ‘Congratulations’ say BT. ‘Your password reset instructions have been emailed to your BT account’.

Hang on…

They’ve sent my password to the account that I can’t access, which is why I was going through the password reset process in the first place? This is, without doubt, the dumbest password reset ever! Why not send a text message? Or a voice message to my landline? Or a tweet? I don’t really care how you do it but surely it’s not that difficult to figure out another way to give a customer their password? What actually baffles me more is that this flaw hasn’t been spotted already. I mean BT, they’re pretty big. Millions of customers etc. And I’m sure there are a fair few who fall into the category of ‘enraged of Billericay’ or ‘disgruntled of Dudley’ who complain about pretty much everything that’s wrong with the world. Why haven’t they noticed this fatal flaw and gone all Mike Skinner* over BT?

I’m going to write to BT right now. And I’m going to sign it off as ‘apathetic of North London’.

*BT’s social media response policy was effectively formed on the hop one night, when Mike Skinner was having problems with his BT Vision and was tweeting his grievance to his many followers, who responded and re-tweeted as the Twitterverse inevitably does. Cue much panic and meltdown in the BT engine room however they were able to get hold of Mr Skinner, rectify the problem as fast as possible and subsequently were praised to the heavens by one satisfied customer. 


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