Ask the audience?

Everton football club? Dear oh dear?

If it wasn’t bad enough losing your manager of 11 years to Manchester United, they’ve managed to round off the month with an online petition, signed by 23,000 fans, informing the club that they won’t buy any more merchandise until they change the newly launched badge.

Now, regardless of what you think of football fans, you cannot deny that they are a vocal organised bunch. And they are fully engaged with social media. Everton themselves have nearly 330,000 likes on Facebook alone – about 10 times their average home support!

So why on earth did Everton’s marketing team not think to ask the fans what they’d like? It would have been easy and cheap to run a campaign asking fans to select the new club logo, and if there was any disquiet following the verdict, the club could easily say that the fans made the decision.

Now, Everton, the self proclaimed ‘peoples club’ will be running with the new logo for one season, before changing logo again, at greater cost.

Fortunately for the club, football fans are a fairly loyal bunch and will forgive and forget but this is a valuable lesson for any firm looking to make a dramatic change to your product – ask the audience.



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