Get your facts straight

Are you a website/ content manager? 

What sort of procedures do you have in place for vetting content and ensuring that it’s factually accurate? I find that sometimes organisations can be too bureaucratic when it comes to publishing content, however there is a lot to be said for detailed fact checking because once it’s out there, it’s out there. And you delete it but if the wrong person saw it, they won’t forget it. 

For example…

The English Premier League published this on to their website earlier today:

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 10.40.42


Oh dear. Unfortunately whilst it’s an open secret that Mr Mourinho will be returning as manager of Chelsea Football Club, there is no mention of this on the Chelsea website. 

On what should have been a quiet morning for the Premier League, their PR arm has now gone into firefighting mode, issuing denials about insider information and apologies for publishing the article. It’s possible that the story could have gone away but issuing a statement denying insider information suggests to me that you’ve got insider information. Unsurprisingly, the story has been picked up by The Telegraph, Reuters and is sitting on the front page of the BBC website. 

Not good eh?

So, back to the website/ content manager. Ensure that anything that you publish to your website has gone through all vetting procedures before publishing. If you are reporting content related to another body or organisation, check to see if they’ve put it on their website. And if you’ve got insider information and are preparing a page in advance for a future launch, make sure you do not hit that ‘publish’ button in your CMS. Make sure the story is in draft. And make sure again and again. Because once it’s out there, it’s out there.

Note: Next blog won’t be football related. Promise 😉


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