An admission of guilt?

So, another autumn, another ‘all singing all dancing’ iPhone launch. Only this time we’ve got two, the iPhone 5s and the ‘budget’ iPhone 5c. Great! You’ve probably read review after review of these wonderful new shiny hand attachments. But did you notice that Apple’s quiet admission of failure with the iPhone 5?

Let’s face it, upon release the iPhone 5 was incredibly underwhelming up against the competition and also served to annoy existing customers by requiring a change of cables. Now, you could say this is a first world problem and a pretty pathetic gripe but I’ve been buying Apple products for years and was incredibly frustrated that I needed to buy new cables and attachments to make the iPhone 5 compatible with my docks.

Anyway, traditionally, when Apple have released a new phone, they have discontinued a model whilst repositioning the old model as a budget edition. For example, when the iPhone 5 was released, the iPhone 4 was discontinued whilst the iPhone 4s became the ‘budget’ model.

Interestingly, following the release of the iPhone 5s and 5c, Apple have decided, rather than discontinue the iPhone 4s, they will keep it in circulation and discontinue the iPhone 5.

Why? Was it such a disappointment? Did it really sell so terribly? How many complaints did Apple receive for the device? Something has clearly triggered this change in strategy, discontinuing a product less than 12 months old. Maybe one day we’ll know the truth but this quiet erasing of the iPhone 5 from history is a clear admission of guilt that Apple got the iPhone 5 wrong.



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