Ever dropped your smartphone? They are that bloody slippy and it’s almost like they attract dents, bumps, scratches and cracks. So, we accessorise our phones with an array of covers, bumpers and scratch resistant material. Hell, I’ve even managed to break a bumper! But what if there was something that stopped you knocking your phone off the table/desk/dashboard/ dropping it down the toilet? Well, there’s a solution at hand. It’s called Goo.ey. It costs about 15 quid and is available for iPhones and iPads (and probably other non-Apple devices) and you can buy it by clicking here. Basically it’s a tacky substance that is slim enough to attach to your smartphone case, that enables you to stick your phone to hard surfaces such as metal or glass but not your pocket. Because it only sticks to hard surfaces, it doesn’t pick up crap along the way. As you can see, it’s pretty useful if you’re following a recipe in the kitchen or if you want to stick it to the bathroom mirror for some reason. Or if you’re driving, just stick it to the dashboard…

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