One good turn etc…

Not a week goes by, where I don’t read about some company or other who has been burned by social media abuse. Whether they short changed a customer, or were rude, or were a few minutes late with a delivery, we, as consumers believe it is our right to turn to social media and voice our opinion. Larger firms now employ teams of people just to deal with the volume of people voicing their opinion, however small businesses just don’t have the resources to manage the fall out of a social media fail.

Whilst the negative gets the publicity, there are actually a lot of positive stories out there too. But in a time where celebrities without make-up sells a paper or a magazine, most people are not really interested in something positive. Oh no, we want to feel superior by revelling in someone else’s misery.

Now, to counteract the bitchiness and sniping, I thought I’d write about an excellent customer experience I had this morning. One that made me smile and want to recommend their business.

I’m starting a new role (more on this in a later blog) next week, so I decided to put some suits into the dry cleaners to ensure I’m looking ultra sharp on the first day. I don’t have a dry cleaners near me so I searched online for dry cleaners near the studio where I go for Yoga. As it turned out, there was a dry cleaners literally round the corner! Perfect!

So, I dropped the suits into the cleaners before my class on Tuesday and picked them up after my class this morning. I handed my receipt over to the guy at the counter and he laughed. He then looked at me and asked me if I’d forgotten anything. Confused, I said no. He then called his colleague through the from the back on the shop. His colleague, who took my suits in the first place, came through from the back, smiled and then asked me if I’d lost anything. Again, confused, I said no, however I’d clearly left something in my suit.

He then hands me my passport…

I could feel my breathing tighten and my pupils dilate as I stared down at one of the most valuable pieces of identity that I have. They both laughed as I said ‘thank you thank you thank you’ over and over again. I can’t tell you how genuinely grateful I was to two people that were just charged with cleaning my suits. They had put a special note on the suits to remind them that I would be back in to collect them, however they’d kept my passport safe and separate from the other suits to prevent it from getting mixed up or lost. I felt genuinely valued as a customer. So, I’m more than happy to publicly recommend Harlequin Dry Cleaners on Lever Street. If you’re in the Old Street/ Angel/ Barbican areas, give them some business. They’ll look after you. They don’t have a website however you can find their details below. Oh, and the dry cleaning is pretty good too…



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