Of the initial tasks set out as part of Google Squared, the one task that I was not looking forward to was setting up a blog. Not that I have no problem with setting up a blog, rather I already have two relatively successful blogs that have achieved initial aims (raised money for charity/ provoked debate). Both current blogs have a different look and feel to appeal and attract different audiences (running/ digital), so I don’t really want to replicate the existing blogs. And, choosing another topic that I’m interested in, isn’t difficult, however choosing just one topic, is the challenge.

The blog has to be set up by the 26th of February and I’ve got to keep it going for the duration of the course with at least five posts. It doesn’t sound very challenging does it?

So, I was thinking I’d put it to you dear readers. Just vote below, and let me know what you’d like to hear more of.


2 responses to “Challenges

  1. Although I’m interested on 2 subjects you put out for voting, I’m curious to see what you take on Whisky is, I like Whisky.

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