Ask the audience…

Another year, another round of BBC cuts. Unsurprising seeing as we are now in the third year of a TV licence freeze. 

So, up for the chop this year is BBC3, which is apparently set to move from TV to a fully online channel on the iPlayer. The rationale being that the BBC needs to save £100m. Considering that it costs £90m to run BBC3 at present, shifting a channel from TV to online surely won’t make too much of a dent in the shortfall?

The BBC are attempting to justify this by suggesting that owing to the youth oriented nature of the channel, it will be consumed by viewers on mobile devices. Well, at present only 4% of current BBC 3 viewers, watch the channel on the iPlayer, which begins to make a mockery of the decision. According to the BBC, 1 in 4 ‘young people’ watch BBC3 which effectively confirms this.

What the BBC don’t seem to understand is that TV is not actually dying and people are not en masse consuming TV on digital devices. Yes, digital devices are far more prevalent but they are being used as secondary devices whilst people watch TV!

Ultimately, this seems like another short sighted decision on the part of the BBC. Maybe they should ask the audience what they would like? Salary cuts for execs or great programming? 



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