Module two – #squaredonline

I can’t believe how fast Squared Online is going! It feels like I only started the course a few weeks ago however we’re already 2/5 of the way through the course.

On Wednesday, my project team submitted our digital business idea – LoveBooks – an open source, subscription based publishing programme, aimed at children. Considering that nine complete strangers could come together, with no prior knowledge of our backgrounds, come up with ideas and pull together a pretty robust business plan and rudimentary technological platform for the product in just three weeks was a pretty impressive feat.

We were allocated a place on teams at the start of March and first introduced ourselves to the group via a Google Hangout. From there we have twice weekly Hangouts where we presented, researched, rehearsed and refined our idea. Once we had pulled together all the information for the final presentation, we attempted to put together a plan for recording and uploading our presentation however, as half the group lived in the London area, I suggested that we get together and record the presentation as a group, So, I had four complete strangers over to my flat on Tuesday night. Powered by wine and pizza, we further refined and recorded our presentation, before circulating the presentation around the other members of the project team. With no objections from the other members of the project team, we submitted our project, confident that we had done a good job.

Whilst everyone studying Squared Online is clearly ambitious and motivated to succeed, time constraints and real life can often get in the way of studying outside working hours, so I felt particularly lucky to get an awesome project team who I could work openly and honestly with to deliver something, without the group falling out! Fortunately, we’ll be working together in Module three, which starts on Wednesday. Now that we have a good understanding of our individual strengths, I’m expecting we’ll be able to deliver and even better result with our task.

I can’t wait to get started! 

#squaredonline hard at work

#squaredonline hard at work


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