Module one – #squaredonline

So, here we are. 

Squared online has come to an end. I’ll write a full summary of the course once I have been graded, with full feedback and recommendations however to complete the course I am required to submit five blog posts about each module of the course. 

Now, as a fairly successful blogger (well, one who has managed to annoy a considerable amount of people with a fairly prediction of who would win an election, six months before it took place), I felt the idea of setting up yet another blog to talk about the course, with no life span, frankly demeaning. 

I mean, if you are writing a blog, you need to demonstrate commitment? And longevity right? It is not about putting random thoughts on a page. Where’s the strategy. 

So, here lies the end of blog one. And here’s the video that I created to introduce myself to the Squared fraternity:


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