Module three – #squaredonline

Still with me? Good. We’re now in episode two of ‘complete my Google Squared course by writing a blog about the module’. You’ll notice that yes this is blog number two however it is titled number three.

Well, I did actually blog about module two. Search for it on the blog. It’s there!

So, module three. We had to prepare a digital campaign for the launch of a new hair dye product called Kleur Tonacity. You might be surprised to discover I have knowledge of this. I’m not going to post a picture of me with bright red hair but it does exist. And I’ll show you if you ask nicely.

Anyway, we used the Zmot model, designed by Brian Solis. I came up with a strategy to use augmented reality to drive online engagement from offline channels and engage their audience, develop user generated, shareable content and ultimately make hypothetical millions.


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